Advocacy / Legislative Issues

The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police advocates for the advancement of policies, laws and best practices that advance the profession of law enforcement and serve the best interest of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In this capacity, the Association monitors state and federal legislation and advises policymakers on the impact of legal changes on the delivery of public safety services and on the law enforcement profession. The Association assists in the appointment of Virginia police chiefs and other law enforcement executives to public boards, commissions and study committees to ensure that the voice of law enforcement appropriately influences and informs the development of responsible public policy. Additionally, leaders from the VACP serve as trainers and presenters at law enforcement training and education events, as well as at public symposiums and conferences where law enforcement executives can help to inform and explain the appropriate role of law enforcement in developing strong, safe communities.
TO OUR VACP MEMBERS:  We depend on all of you to be ambassadors for professional law enforcement, and encourage you to educate your state and local policymakers, especially those newly-elected – legislators, council and board members and key community leaders – on best practices in law enforcement. Many of the laws and policies that govern law enforcement practices aren’t always known to the people we serve, and it’s incumbent on all law enforcement professionals to share information about the work you do. Open lines of communication with your communities and with policymakers is the best way to avoid miscommunications and prevent problems. Ideally, that happens when our law enforcement leaders are accessible and serve as educators on the important role of public safety in the Commonwealth of Virginia.



Contact Executive Director Dana Schrad – 804-338-9512 or  – for questions/comments about proposed legislation and the VACP's position on specific bills.